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Private Disco | The Milky Way arching over Roque des los Muchachos at La Palma. 360 degrees pano. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe Wow effect | First night out in the Kalahari ... just Wow! The Milky Way arching over a tree and a termite hill in the Kalahari and a person looks up to the dreamy sky and thinks just Wow! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comCatching stars | Trying to catch the Large Magellanic Cloud at the Kiripotib Astrofarm (Namibia) 360 dregrees Pano Milky Way pano - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comWindow of oppurtunity | Found this magical place at La Palma and had to take the opportunity to shoot the Orion constellation out of the cave. Cueva de Candelaria (La Palma)  - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comStargate | Another one from the Cueva de Candelaria (La Palma) The Orion constellation seen from inside the cave. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comShall I walk the Milky Way | A dim band of the Milky Way arching over light polluted Burgenland in Austria. If you look closer you may spot castle Forchtenstein. Location: Rosalienkapelle - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comHidden Beauty | The Milky Way hides behind the clouds, but could not fully hide it`s beauty! Shot at the Kalahari in Namibia. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comAirglow | The Milky Way arching low at the Roque des los Muchachos in La Palma. Above some faint, but beautiful Airglow. Astrobin Toppic nominated!  - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comReflecting Lights | The Milkyway over a lake in the Austrian Mountains - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe old tree under ancient light | At one of my first nights in Namibia the clouds finally opened just enough to show me the stars of the Southern hemisphere for the first time!  - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe rising beauty | Astrobins Pic of the day form 11th of June 2023. 40mm, 6 Panel Milky Way Mosaic, RGB with Continuum Ha. Milky Way Core over a sea of fog at La Palma. Shot taken at Roque de los Muchachos (La Palma)  - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comZodiac and Gegenschein | At very dark places one could spot a faint diffuse light caused by interplanetary dust particles scattering the light of the sun towards the earth. The Zodiac Light. It forms a triangular glow at the horizon from the suns direction. So at the darkest places and the clearest nights you may be able to spot the entire band of the Zodiac Light, which is an extreme faint glow along the ecliptic. And somewhere along this band you may spot the Gegenschein a only slightly brighter bulge centred at the antisolar point in the night sky. 360degrees Milky Way Pano! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe bridge of the stars | While looking to the stars I found out that New York and Lake Neusiedl are just a stone's throw away. Joke aside. The New York Scsnery was from the Seefestspiele Mörbisch where I took this shot! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comRefelecting Beauty | High up in the Austrian Alps with little Lightpolution one can enjoy the night sky to it`s fullest. 360 degree Milky Way pano with a mountain lake, reflection of the stars and flowers - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comArches | The winter Milky Way of the Northern Hemisphere arching over the Roque des los Muchachos in La Palma. But there are more arches. The arch of the Zodiac Light from the right, colliding with planet Jupiter and then joining the Milky Way. And there is also an Arch of sand in the air, as it was a heavy Calima (sandstorm). - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comDreamscape | Calima ... a sandstorm at La Palma. The sand reflects the lights from Santa Domingo in the most dreamy colours and everything is blurred by the sand in the air. To the right one could spot the Orion constellation. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe rocks, the sea, the stars and the rest ... | Another of those places ... Sitting at the sea, listening to the waves, staring at the stars, the wind in the face, the taste of salt on the tongue, dreaming of the Universe

Shot at Santa Domingo at La Palma during heavy Calima (sandstorm) which made such a dreamy atmosphere. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comsea of dreams ... | the stars, the light at the horizon, the sea ... the dreams
Shot at Santa Domingo at La Palma - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe ring of fire | Little Planet projection of the Milky Way. Shot at the Stuhleck in Austria. The cross of the summit marks the middle. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.com5 galaxies | a widefield pano from the dessert in Namibia. at least 5 galaxies ares´visible. The large and the small Magellanic Clouds, Andromeda, the Traingulum Galaxy and our home galaxy the Milky Way. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comA movie full of stars | Another one from the dessert in Namibia. Sit down and enjoy the show the sky has to offer! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.com


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