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Light the darkness | Darkness. Sound of the storm and the heavy rain drops. Suddenly a lightning cuts through the clouds and the fog. Putting everything under a strange light and electrifies the air. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comWaves of fog | Fog swapping over the mountains in the evening lights at La Palma - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comMorning stars | The milkyway fading in the morning light over El Paso at La Palma - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comTo the end of the World | Walking on a frozen Lake Neusiedl (Austria) to enjoy a round of ice paddeling - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comPaddeling the seven frozen seas | Ice paddeling at Lake Neusiedl (Austria) - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comStopping the time | Timeless image of a waterfall running down green moss. - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comLast tree standing | In the harsh conditions of the Austrian mountains I found this lonely tree. Rax (Austria) - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comThe Path to the Light | Fog plays with trees touched by the light - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comFading | Fog play with trees touched by the light - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comBurning larches | nature at it`s best - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comHope | The moment when the light of the sun brakes through the fog ... magical! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comLabyrinth to the light | fresh snow, fog, and sun. The ingredients to magic! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comBrothers in arms | An old tree, withstanding the elements in rough environment. Take his hand an watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the sonwy mountains. Shot at Dürre Wand (Lower Austria) - Realisiert mit Pictrs.comDreaming big | big Pano from the Roque des los Muchachos at La Palma. Fog swapping over the mountain ridge, and the light of the fading sun does it`s magic! - Realisiert mit Pictrs.com


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